Azula is a place, a project and the home of two families that share the same vision, to raise our children in a beautiful safe environment and to cultivate our land and ourselves to enjoy life fully.

Located on the south west coast of Portugal, only a 20 minutes drive to the beach, we aim to transform this previously grazed land into an abundant garden and forest, where we as humans and nature itself can thrive. So far, this process has come to transform ourselves, filling us with passion for what we are doing and giving us great joy. We want to share this experience with more people and make a real, strong positive change in our world.

Workshops such as natural building, permaculture design courses and gardening will happen from April 2017 on.

She is focused on the economic sustainability of the project, making sure that resources are used consciously and well planned for further development. After having a successful career in a bank, she decided that she wanted to have a different and healthier lifestyle both for herself and her family, with more freedom and time for each other. Nevertheless, her acquired accounting abilities are crucial for the growth of Azula, being the connecting bridge between dreams and reality.


He discovered permaculture in 2012 and has since developed a passion for it’s practicality and beauty. Now with a 15,7 hectare land he’s doing his best to exploit the site’s potential and resources to produce delicious and healthy food, short and long term. He believes that farming doesn’t need to be a hard and tedious task, on the contrary, it is an exceptional opportunity to connect with nature and with oneself, create a stronger relationship towards one’s food and even strengthen oneself physically by working consciously and with the right techniques.  

Beside taking care of the planting and gardening of the project, he also teaches Capoeira, an art form born in Brazil where fighting, playing and dancing melts together into a rhythmical and acrobatic exchange of movements between two “opponents”.


With many years of experience and after successfully creating and leading a building firm in England, Alon is a builder by excellence. He’s responsible for most of the structures you will see on the land and some of the bigger arty compositions. He is very good at seizing opportunities and turning problems into solutions, his positive and creative mindset always leads to a beautiful, practical and useful structure that can be enjoyed by the project.

Beside his building abilities he’s a kick ass chef, composing delicious treats whenever he is in the kitchen.


Her aesthetic mind and organisational skills help the project’s flow in a productive and harmonious way. She’s in charge of the marketing, media and human relations of Azula, making sure that we have a good communication between the different organs of the project and with outside participants such as teachers, students, visitors and volunteers. As a true nature lover, you will often find her with the hands in the soil planting ornamental flowers, always adding beauty to the different areas.